Oct 032011

Maureen Ashley moving wood chips for the new trail

The trail entrance to the Forest River conservation area just beyond the town line when entering Marblehead by way of Lafayette Street has been the subject of significant work this summer. Six native tupelo trees and a collection of native shrubs have been added. Two rotting poles connected by a ground-hugging cable have been removed, and two stones, one for sitting, help to bring back a natural look. The entrance trail has been relocated off private land and marked with wood chips. Finally, the faded entrance sign has been replaced and turned ninety degrees so that it can be seen from the road.

The result of these changes is an area to be known as Authors’ Grove, planted by the Conservancy to honor the principal authors of and other contributors to the book, Discovering Marblehead A Guide to Open
Spaces and Historic Places. This much loved and used book was generously donated to the Conservancy by the authors to fund the Conservancy’s early years. In this year, the tenth anniversary of the Conservancy’s founding as a nonprofit, we work to provide a lasting tribute to those who helped sponsor our beginning. Its location
at a gateway to Marblehead is most fitting.


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