Dec 012011

Work on the trail begins

Few people know that in the area bounded by Maverick and Village Streets, a curved section of former rail bed connects the two branches – one that goes to Salem and one that goes to Swampscott. The reason that few know of it is that it had become badly overgrown and was often quite wet.

An Eagle Scout project led by Ethan Levine began the long process of restoring the trail’s usefulness. This project cleared a ten-foot-wide path along the old rail bed to help the area dry out. The Scouts also planted some native shrubs and trees in place of the overgrowth of invasives.

Complete restoration of the trail will require more work, including adding fill, but this beginning removed decades of overgrowth, allowing a first view of the trail’s potential.

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  1. Hi Shelley:I didn’t know that about the archaeological site near Sibbald Creek. This is so inirtesteng to me that this painting, which was a real detour into the let’s just let it happen’ zone has interested others. I still don’t know what to make of it except that I found the process very inirtesteng. I love that you can almost smell the black spruce bogs. Maybe there is a lesson here to venture more frequently into the land where the map ends.Rex

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