Dec 012011

A second Eagle Scout project, this one led by Chris Pedersen, has repaired a heavily used section of a main trail at Seaside Park. The trail loop from the ball field all the way out to the harbor overlook is used frequently by hikers, dog walkers, and cross country track teams. Two sections of the loop, however, have been particularly difficult to use, one because of mud and another due to a rock outcrop.

These trail sections are drainage areas for adjoining slopes. As such, they either turn to mud quickly when it rains and stay muddy for long periods of time or become slippery. At the muddy trail site the Scout project has put in water bars to confine and deflect drainage and added gravel fill to provide firm footing. At a second site, the Scouts moved a trail section to go around a rock slope and filled in an area that collected runoff water.

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