Mar 062012

The year just past marked the tenth anniversary of the Marblehead Conservancy’s existence as a
nonprofit. The year was also the tenth anniversary of the our State’s last acceptance of Marblehead’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, a plan drawn up in 1999. The Conservancy was created and continues to operate to help address open space issues set forth in that plan.

It is time to update ourselves on the interests of our residents in the areas of open space and recreation. Many of the actions laid out in the last plan have been accomplished; some have not. Time has also brought changes to Marblehead, not all of them expected. Where do we go from here?

The Conservancy’s interests focus on open space, but the plan includes recreation activities and spaces as well. The strategies for both are in need of refreshment. We call upon all residents to contribute their ideas and thoughts to this latest updating of Marblehead’s plan. We tell you how in the article on Open Space Planning which can be read here.

With thanks to all,

Bob French, President

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