Mar 062012

A sign goes up announcing part of the former Jermyn Farm as a Marblehead Public School conservation area.

With the mounting of one new sign, Marblehead tied an interest of the School Committee to one of the Conservation Commission. This all began with a request to both organizations from the Marblehead Conservancy’s Trails Committee in 2006. The request was to allow a parcel of the former Jermyn Farm adjacent to the Village School to be used for the construction of a looping trails system that would include the conservation area known as Robinson Farm.

Students from the surrounding neighborhood had worn paths through both lands over many years. The request, then was simply to clean up and link these paths, adding short sections to make two loops. The Village School was interested as the result would not only service those who used the paths to get to school, but also because it provided an opportunity to engage students with their natural surroundings. The School Committee approved the venture, asking that the Conservation Commission oversee any activity involving wetlands.

The project was completed by this sign installation at the end of Byors Road. Many thanks to both Town organizations!

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