Mar 062012

Remediation of the Lead Mills site followed alongside the old railroad bed into the Wyman Woods Conservation Area. Note the planting of young trees to the left of center in the photograph

While the remediation project at the site of the former Lead Mills off Layayette Street primarily involved privately-owned land, it also included a small portion of the town-owned Wyman woods Conservation Area. At the insistence of the Conservation Commission, the contractor restored the town-owned portion of the remediated area, to some extent, with the planting of two-dozen young trees. Walking along the old railroad bed, this town- owned area is easily identified by the newly-planted trees and their wire supports.

The Trails Committee of the Marblehead Conservancy is working with the Conservation Commission to plant native shrubs as understory to the new trees in this area as part of an Earth/Arbor Day project. The shrubs were obtained in the spring of 2011 and first planted in the Conservancy’s tree farm in order to let their roots develop. At this writing they are doing well and will be ready for transplanting by the end of April. Please join us on our celebration of Earth/Arbor Day!

– For the Trails Committee

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