Mar 062012

Excerpted from Marblehead’s Emerald Necklace – The Origins of the Path, by Dennis Curtin:

“The ‘old abandoned railroad right-of-way’ through Marblehead is now a wonderful nature, hiking, biking, jogging, skiing, dog-walking trail commonly referred to simply as ‘The Path’. It meanders almost four miles through a large portion of Marblehead and didn’t just happen. It first came into being in 1839 when the first train connected Marblehead to Salem and expanded in 1873 when the Swampscott branch opened so riders could go directly to and from Boston without a detour through Salem. On its meanders through town it links some of our most beautiful conservation lands including Ware Pond, Wye Pond, Hawthorn Pond, Wyman Woods, The Pines and the Forest River. Because these natural areas are like jewels, the people who obtained them as forever wild conservation areas in the 1960s referred to them and their connecting path as Marblehead’s Emerald Necklace (with all due credit to Frederick Law Olmsted). Thanks to those people we have one of the most interesting and enjoyable urban nature trails in New England.”

Winter on the Marblehead to Salem branch of the old railroad bed


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  1. Did I misunderstand you on the path today? I thought there was a book

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