Mar 062012

The Trails Committee continues to sponsor Trail Crews twice a week. A total of over 1,214 hours were expended in 2011, primarily at Seaside Park, but also distributed across all eight of our project areas. Over 550 tree and shrub seedlings were planted, twenty-two bags of trash were removed and nineteen cubic yards of wood chips were spread.

Major accomplishments this year were: 1) completion of the Phase I & II plans at Seaside Park – consisting of invasives removal, rerouting a trail and filling a muddy area; 2) clearing of the curved portion of the old railroad right of way “wye” connecting the Salem and Swampscott branches; 3) installing three new signs at trail entrances so that the public will be more aware of their existence; 4) completing Authors’ Grove – a redesigned entrance to Forest River across from Carna Road designed by landscape architect Larry Simpson to honor the authors of the book Discovering Marblehead and featuring six tupelo trees, a natural stone bench, a plaque, and several new shrubs; 5) supporting high school student Kathryn Sullivan in her internship program. We continue to monitor our three trial map dispensers at trail entrances and have decided to expand the total to ten. Each map dispenser has a laminated map showing where you are and a dispenser for letter-size maps printed on waterproof paper.

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