Nov 032012

Some fifteen years ago a group of citizens met to consider writing a book about Marblehead’s natural and historical resources accessible by the public. The six principle authors were Denny Curtin, Dotty Stephens, Laurie Levine, Leigh Webster, Jay Johnson and Beth Houghton. As their project progressed, many residents joined the effort; eventually adding over two dozen more volunteers. The result was the book “Discovering Marblehead, a Guide to Open Spaces and Historic Places”. Upon its completion in 2001 a collaboration of the book’s authors and the Marblehead Conservancy raised the money to publish the first 3,000 copies of the book, selling them out in about two years.

Everyone was saddened by the untimely death of Beth Houghton a few years ago. Beth’s estate made a gift to the Marblehead Conservancy which the trustees devoted to a living memorial for the wonderful gift the authors have bestowed upon the Town. With the permission of the Conservation Commission and based on a design by local garden designer Larry Simpson, the Conservancy constructed the “Authors’ Grove.” It features six native tupelo trees, a stone bench, a meandering trail, and a plaque. The community is invited to visit and enjoy this special place on Lafayette Street across from Carna Road.

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