Nov 142012

A rail fence along the newly straightened Stramski Way is just visible in this photograph across one end of the Gerry playground.

Just off West Shore Drive near the junction with Green Street lies an unpaved small street known as Stramski Way. For those with children, this path leads quickly to the Gerry Playground, formerly Headers Haven. Go further down Stramski Way, and you will find a little-used house owned by Marblehead, a small beach, and a new pier jutting into Salem Harbor. All but the pier are under the responsibility of Marblehead’s Recreation and Parks Commission, and all have been undergoing renovation.

Gerry Playground, rebuilt with funding support from the Marblehead Family Fund, now has a deep cushion of engineered fiber support to minimize injury from falls while allowing navigation by wheeled carriages.  Stramski Way itself has been straightened and marked with rail fencing, giving clear passage to a parking lot below.

With the new pier put in place by Harbors and Waters, Rec and Park commissioners have been developing plans to renovate the nearby house to provide support for boating enthusiasts.

The view of Salem Harbor and the new pier behind the house.

The grounds behind the house already provide picnic tables, a groomed open area, and a wonderful view of the harbor. All these changes are in line with just one Rec and Park action item in Marblehead’s recently updated Open Space and Recreation Plan. The additional good news here is that everyone now has a place to go to find future plans for our open spaces and recreation areas.

-With Brendan Egan, Superintendent of Recreation and Parks

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