Nov 142012

Open space for passive recreation at the Stonybrook Road cul de sac.

Remediation of the town landfill continues, though most of the ongoing action is out of sight but to only a few. This year, however, the area around the end of Stonybrook Road has been cleaned of hazardous materials or stabilized so that the open space created may now be used for passive recreation.

Far less visible are the many hours put into planning and permitting to complete the job. The results of these activities will soon be noticeable. The plan for dealing with remediation in the adjacent Steer Swamp conservation land will come before the town Conservation Commission for approval this October. This will show the areas that still need to be cleaned and how they will be restored.

There is still much to be done to prepare the current landfill site for the future and to build a new transfer station, expanded recycling areas, and improved access to both. Movement of contaminated soil out of the Steer Swamp area is expected to begin in September of 2013 and continue through 2014.

– With Andrew Petty, Director of Public Health

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