Jan 042014

Marblehead’s Open Space and Recreation Plan has been updated, accepted by the State, and most recently released for publication on the Town web site. This plan was critical to obtaining State financial support for the purchase of the Lead Mills property, but it is much more. Based on results of surveying residents, user organizations and responsible Town departments and Commissions, the report gives Marblehead’s current goals and objectives on open space and recreation. With a text somewhat hefty in background information, some readers may want to skip right to the goals and objectives section listed in the index, but we do recommend full reading. Click here to access the document.

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  1. […] will be taking a look ahead and deciding on fresh opportunities and directions for the Conservancy. Marblehead’s updated Open Space and Recreation Plan will give guidance. To this we add what we have learned from our past efforts and the stream of […]

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