Jan 052014

If you missed the Conservancy’s Marblehead Perambulation this past May led by Betti Hunt and Dennis Curtin, you may not realize that Marblehead has nearly twenty “Secret Passageways”. These hidden paths are open to the public, but they can be hard to find. Up to now, the Conservancy website has only been able to offer a paper map to guide interested explorers. While many people have found this map informative, it has also been noted that some of the pathways are difficult to locate by reference

to the map and written description alone. So, the Marblehead Conservancy is aiming to make these hidden gems more accessible by publishing guides to the Secret Passageways on our website for use by anyone any time. When the project is completed sometime later this year, each path will have its own map, and photos will show entrances, landmarks, and easy-to-miss turns. Watch for it later this fall.

But for the time being, please visit our website, hover the mouse pointer over the maps tab and click on the Marblehead Perambulation sub-tab to download a PDF file of the current map. This map is also available at the Environmental Booth located at the Farmer’s Market.

– Fred Madio, Trustee

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