Jun 202014

Trail Crews went out ninety-eight times in 2013 performing over 900 hours of trail & forestry tasks in all conservation areas, Seaside Park, and the Marblehead Public Schools Conservation Area at the former Jermyn Farm, generally considered by us as part of the Robinson Farm site since the two areas abut each other, and there is one set of trails through both.

trails-report2014Each year seems to have its own personality. 2013 seemed to be focused on wood chips. We spread fifty-seven cubic yards with wagons and wheelbarrows on trails in 2013 vs. fourteen last year and nineteen the year before. And we did fifty-one of those yards with our enthusiastic Trail Crews getting help from YMCA youth for the other six. While a few of us thought we were slowing down, this proves Trail Crew work is indeed keeping us fit.

During 2013 we planted 149 seedlings and removed seventeen bags of trash. Prior to 2010 the lowest annual trash bag removal count was fifty-three while the last few years have hovered around twenty. It appears we’re getting ahead!

In addition to trail and forestry maintenance, we send crews to Tower School and Cohen Hillel every year for educational events. Led by Bob French, we held seventeen sessions with Tower last year.

While we had no Eagle Scout projects in 2013 (a first) we have two in the final stages of planning for 2014. One will create some new trail entrance signs and refurbish aging ones. The other will create a new trail in Wyman Woods that will connect to the Lead Mills property. Three other projects we hope to make progress on this coming year are Harbor Glade restoration, improving the surface on the RR bed “wye”, and some map updates.

Trail Crew activities are planned by the Trails Committee at our monthly meetings. Everyone pulls their weight on this committee – it has been a great experience ! for me to work with all of them.

– Don Morgan, Trails Committee Chairperson
Trails Committee: Mo Ashley, Bob French, Jody Howard, Fred Madio, Dick Marcy-Vice Chair, Joan
McDuff, Don Morgan-Chair, Sandi Peaslee, Doug Perkins-Forest Ranger, Richard Thibedeau

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