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Group perambulation of Marblehead’s lesser-known public ways has been a planned event of the Conservancy for a number of years. Led by select and volunteer long-time residents who are intimately familiar with the passageways and ready with stories of the several neighborhoods, participants came away with much to tell. Their reactions, all positive, came back to Trustees of the Conservancy, sometimes with requests for personal repeat tours.

Although we would certainly like to honor such requests, we do not have enough volunteers to
support them. However, we have created something else that may do the job.

One of the participants in the 2013 perambulation helped us create digital mapping instructions that anyone with a smart phone or electronic tablet can follow. We started with spotting the location of each passageway on a conventional map of Marblehead, added photographs specific to a site, and then linked instructions for finding and following a passageway so that individuals can now do their own perambulations at their leisure.

How do I get started?
– First, you will need either a smart phone or electronic tablet to access the Marblehead Conservancy web site and click on the “Secret Passageways” item in the left hand menu on the home page. That will take you to a page showing maps of both the Neck and the mainland. Each shows the location of specific public passageways. Click on the one you want from the list below the map and photographs of the passageway and instructions for following it will appear. When done with that one, try another!

Turn on Prospect Alley looking down hill

Turn on Prospect Alley looking down hill

For those who are interested in these locations and have access to a computer but not a smart phone or electronic tablet, simply follow the instructions above to get to the Conservancy website page. Sit back in a favorite chair and take the tour!

We hope you enjoy this new way of touring parts of Marblehead. We would appreciate hearing from you. If you have suggestions for change or simply want to tell us how your tour went, please contact us through one of the contact numbers at the upper right of the
Conservancy’s website home page.

– Happy perambulating!

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