Jun 202014

Our choice of speaker for the talk accompanying the Annual Meeting came about after realizing that the New England Wildflower Society has much to offer by way of education in a subject area of interest to many who support open spaces. Knowing that the population we serve likes to explore on their own, the Conservancy has jumped into the subject area with a larger commitment than one evening’s talk.

An easy way of getting a broad view of the NEWFS offerings is to visit their website at www.newenglandwild.org. An online means of plant identification may be found at a page titled, GoBotany. Another page lists available NEWFS educational courses by region. A third page describes their own horticultural display area, Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA, along with an invitation and directions to visit. Lists of gifts, books, and plant availability (yes, they sell their own plants, including those with a known provenance) are also shown.

To bring all this to Marblehead residents, the Conservancy has teamed with Abbot Public Library providing a ready approach to exploration of NEWFS offerings.

The Conservancy has been collaborating with the Abbot Library over the past few years for the purchase of books related to our mission. A recent circulation report on these books indicates that they receive significant public interest. Given this success, it seemed obvious that the Conservancy should sponsor a Library membership in NEWFS. This new organizational membership provides two benefits: a subscription to NEWFS publications and four circulating visitor passes to Garden in the Woods. Those benefits are available now. We hope you will enjoy them.

– The Education Committee

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