Jun 202014

Picture 17Do you know how birds keep warm in early February? Birds that remain in the Northeast throughout the winter adapt to the cold by adjusting the position of their feathers with the muscles in their skin puffing them way out. This combats the fierce winds and creates air pockets. It’s no surprise that birds look fatter!

Do you know New England raccoons eat little or no food in the winter? They survive on the fat they accumulated in the fall. Although they do not completely hibernate, they stay in their dens in a dormant state and will only venture out if the temperature rises above 32 degrees!

These are just a sample of the boundless and wonderful phenomena that author and naturalist Mary Holland writes about in her fascinating book “Naturally Curious”, the latest acquisition donated to the Abbot Library by the Marblehead Conservancy Book Fund.

It is a fabulous New England nature guide organized by month and filled with interesting and useful information about what is happening to our local flora and fauna.

Illustrated with lovely colored photos, it has a rich narrative filled with useful information for all ages. It is one of those books where you will learn something new about nature on every page!

On your next visit to the Abbot Library, take time to peruse the many inspiring titles that the Conservancy’s Collection has to offer. These have enhanced the library’s resources on the natural world and focus on the Conservancy’s mission.

– Susan Tournas and Joan McDuff

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