Jun 212014

sign-renew-juneMarblehead’s conservation area entrance signs suddenly seem a little more visible, even new. The changes are real and recent. For this we must thank Christopher Dignam, an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 11 of the Boy Scouts and his strong Troop support. In preparation for the updating, the Recreation and Parks Department carved lettering into planks for six new trail entrance signs over the past winter. Chris and his fellow Scouts picked up this work, mounted the fresh signs onto 4 X 4 posts, dug the necessary holes and positioned and embedded each newly assembled trail marker for easy viewing. They further rehabilitated another eight existing signs, repainting everything in the current white on brown colors that identify conservation areas. All twenty two major trail entrances in open conservation areas around town now have visible entrance signs. The job consumed more than two hundred person-hours spread around several work teams to get the major work completed in one day. Well done!

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