Jun 212014

The Marblehead Conservancy has been most fortunate in having so much support. We must be doing something right, but we cannot rest on our accomplishments; we have to keep moving ahead.

In addition to our Earth Day / Arbor Day event, one continuing activity underway is trails maintenance. Having restored or created five miles of trails in the town’s conservation areas and observed that they are heavily used, we must see that they are maintained. Unfortunately, this job doesn’t have the attractiveness of building something new nor is it done quickly. Maintenance goes on whenever access to the trails permits. We are happy to welcome anyone thinking of learning a little about trail work, even if it is a one-time experience. Join with others; meet some users of the trails and get first-hand word on how they feel about the work.

Next, and thinking positively about public interest in the future use of smart phones and electronic tablets, we are working on the means of getting GPS data for all the trails in conservation areas onto a popular web-based map site such as Google Maps. This idea, when completed, will help people know where they are relative to another trail or a conservation area boundary.

In May we are planning to hold a Board retreat to lay out ideas for future objectives. This is something we haven’t done since late 2006. Of course we have the latest edition of Marblehead’s Open Space and Recreation Plan as one guide, but it is important to have a session where people can explore mission-related possibilities openly and freely. Your suggestions are welcome.

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