Six years after a total rebuilding of the Conservancy’s web site, we are at it again and this time with a change of focus. After sixteen years of volunteer work with Marblehead’s natural open spaces, it is most gratifying that residents and visitors not only use the five miles of trails that have been opened and maintained in town conservation areas for enjoyment, but also take these spaces to heart, removing trash and frequently reporting issues needing attention. This shows genuine and rightful ownership of the lands. In thinking about all this, the Conservancy Trustees decided that the web site needed to focus more strongly on all the natural open spaces available in the town, public and private, and what they offer. To that end information regarding such spaces has been updated, improved, and expanded. Some information has been relocated and may now be found through links to other web sites or separate archives. The whole idea is to give better support to those interested in using the town’s natural open spaces. We intend to keep improving our web site and would very much welcome your thoughts.

We encourage everyone to pay a visit to the site and to use the site’s information contact link to let us know how it works for your desktop or mobile devices, what features interest you and what you would like us to add.