September 2013 Newsletter


President’s Message

This issue of the newsletter reports largely on works in process; no surprise as the Conservancy’s Trustees are always looking for ways to improve the services under our mission.  An opportunity to expand and improve our Geographic Information System data was not to be missed as this work builds the data base that underlies all our trail mapping efforts, current and future. Next, updates on remediation of the landfill and the activities both underway and planned for the Lead Mills property round out our open space coverage. Finally, we must not forget another object of our forward looking – telling everyone how and where to get information. The Conservancy web site, the Environmental Booth at the Farmers’ Market, these newsletters, and our Annual Meeting are all important. In the coming year we plan to do more to put information directly into the hands of individuals. Stay tuned…
– Bob French, President

Data For Change

Landfill Remediation

Work Has Begun At Lead Mills

Self-Guiding Perambulation

Booth News

Upcoming Meeting