“Secret” Passageways


Marblehead’s Ways Open for Public Passage

During the early days in Marblehead, many ways were established throughout the town to maintain the rights of public passage. While many of these ways have disappeared over the years, there are still 18 open for public use – eight in downtown Marblehead and ten on Marblehead Neck.

Though it sometimes feels as if you are walking through someone’s back yard, follow these maps and directions and you’ll stay on public rights of way. Each passageway is shown on its own map, and a numbered, yellow map marker shows the entrance or start of each path. Additional numbered, yellow map markers on some maps correspond to numbered photos below the map that show significant features along the path. When visiting these sites, please be respectful of the neighbors and park only on the main streets.

Every two years the Marblehead Conservancy offers the opportunity for a group perambulation of these passageways. For a printable map of all of the “Secret” Passageways, click here.

Downtown Marblehead

1 & 2: Lookout Court & Prospect Alley
3: Hollyhock Lane
4. Alley Steps
5. Gingerbread Lane & Gingerbread Hill
6. Knights Hill Road
7. Alley: High Street to Elm Street
8. Alley: Mechanic Street to Market Square

Marblehead Neck
A. Desmoulin Lane
B. Fuller Lane
C. Castle Rock & Castle Rock Lane
D. Point O’ Rocks Lane
E. Lighthouse Lane
F. Cove Lane
G. Nahant Street
H. Peabody Lane
I. Harvard Street
J. Parker Lane

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