Jun 082016

YouTube-Screen-Shot2During the Conservancy’s 2016 Annual Meeting at Abbot Library, naturalist and forager, Russ Cohen, delivered a presentation called “The Naturalist’s Kitchen Garden: Adding Native Edible Plants to Your Landscape”. This video, generously provided by Marblehead TV, includes both the presentation and the question and answer session that followed it. It is available on the Marblehead Conservancy’s newly launched YouTube channel and can be found here: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kUBNR14mmyP_6oLY-CSKA Video courtesy of MHTV, Marblehead, MA, www.marbleheadtv.org

Learn how edible native plants can enhance your diet while providing an important food source for local birds and wildlife. Russ provides guidelines for identifying, harvesting, and preparing native edibles for Essex County in this fascinating video.

Russ Cohen was formerly the Rivers Advocate for the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration, and now works with local and state agencies to promote the planting of native edibles in suitable locations. He recently lead Marblehead Conservancy volunteers in the planting of Beach Plums on Crowninshield Island.

Mar 062012

Jay Johnson’s map of Marblehead showing locations of spaces open to the public.

The Education Committee is planning another stellar event in 2012 as a follow up to our joint sponsorship with the Abbot Public Library of the wonderful talk on Bringing Nature Home by Professor Douglas Tallamy last October. This year, on Tuesday, October 2, the Conservancy will again collaborate with Abbot Library to offer a talk by Jay Johnson, familiar to many Marbleheaders for his beautiful artistic renderings of the maps in the book Discovering Marblehead.  Jay’s talk and slide show will include references to his 10,000 mile trip around the Natural spaces in the U.S., images of his paintings, photos of the Trail Crews in Marblehead and the importance of spending time in the natural environment. This talk will appeal to all ages, so mark your calendars and save the date. More details will appear in future newsletters and articles in the Marblehead Reporter.

– Sandi Peaslee, Education Chairperson

Dec 012011

We are more than pleased with the turnout for the October events at the Abbot Public Library, sponsored through the collaboration of the Library and the Conservancy. We feel inspired to do another in 2012!
In spite of a short but serious rainstorm that caused the entire lower floor of the Abbot Public Library to flood on the very day our October events were to open, fast action by Patti Rogers, Library Director, got everything started as planned. Water seeping up at the entrance to the meeting room was mopped up by Trustees Dick Marcy, Sandi Peaslee, and Doug Perkins during the event.

In the adjoining Gallery, the exhibit of artisticworks of nature by photographer Dennis Curtin and biologist Erika Sonder were a hit, and both artists enjoyed talking with visitors. More than one hundred people attended that evening to hear Douglas Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home give reasons for emphasizing native plantings, even in our home gardens.

In a related afterthought, we should note that protected conservation areas in Marblehead account for fewer than one hundred and fifty acres. So the effort to give emphasis to native plantings has to come from homeowners.