Trails and Forestry Projects


Trails Committee Purpose and Opportunities

The Marblehead Conservancy Trails Committee works to keep trails in public open spaces clear and walkable and to keep our forests healthy. Trail Crew work times are scheduled twice a week, every week: Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. An email is sent once a month to identify project schedules- sign up via email

Trail Crews are rarely canceled (rain will do it). See the schedules page for the latest on when and where. Work times are rarely canceled.

Trails Committee Members are: Mo Ashley, Bob French, Fred Madio, Dick Marcy (vice chair), Joan McDuff, Don Morgan (chair), Sandi Peaslee, and Doug Perkins (Forest Ranger). We meet monthly to plan and prioritize projects, develop grant requests, and discuss challenges. 
A wide variety of projects offers many opportunities for volunteer interests and skills. Examples include trimming brush, digging out a re-routed trail, building stone steps and water bars, covering a trail with wood chips, raking, cutting invasive plants, planting native tree and shrub seedlings, and picking up trash.

 We have included a list of typical questions asked by people interested in volunteering here.

If you have additional questions please call Don at 781-631-1243.

Over the past 9 years, we have restored or established about five miles of trails, cut dozens of acres of invasive plants, planted almost 10,000 native tree & shrub seedlings, built two sets of stone stairs, a switch back, nine stone creek crossings, three boardwalks, an 800 sq ft seedling nursery, a butterfly garden and spread over 400 cubic yards of woodchips and other kinds of fill at all seven Conservation areas and at Seaside Park. Those who volunteer are joining the many others who have contributed over 12,000 man hours of on-site open space improvement.

In addition, we have published a full color, fold out Trail Guide with maps of six Conservation areas (for sale at the Farmers’ Market during the season) and we have placed black and white versions of the maps of each of these six areas on our web site as free downloads.