Railbed Rehab Continues!

At the 2018 Town Meeting, the Selectmen were given a right of way for pedestrians and bicycles on the former rail bed and committed to improve it. A grant from the State has provided funds, and work is expected to begin in the spring of 2019. Rail bed rehabilitation will include removing certain barriers to the disabled, surface regrading where necessary, and removal of protruding stones.

Meanwhile, Salem continues to develop a bike path extending from the other end of Marblehead’s railroad bed at Lafayette Street crossing Rt. 1A, Loring Avenue, and passing through the Salem State University campus. When finished, this Salem branch will reach Riley Plaza in the downtown area. Eventually, the rail bed begun in the nineteenth century by the Eastern Railroad will be available to pedestrians and bicyclists from Riley Plaza in Salem, through Marblehead, all the way to the Swampscott MBTA commuter rail station.