Saturday, May 25, 9:30 until Noon
Abbot Hall Upper Grounds for Sign-In

Marblehead’s Town Historian, Don Doliber, leads the Perambulation through Marblehead’s “Secret” Passageways.

From wherever they lived and worked on land, early residents of Marblehead walked the most direct paths to the harbor and ocean that were their livelihood. While many of these historical pathways have disappeared, some remain. Together they form a route for perambulation.

Don Doliber, Marblehead Town Historian, will lead participants on a scenic walk along some of Marblehead’s oldest public ways. The walk will originate at Abbot Hall. In order that all might be able to hear Don’s narrative, the number of participants will be limited.

This perambulation has no rain date. In the event of rain, interested persons are directed “Secret” Passageways for directions for a self-directed perambulation at a time of your choice.