Here are some of our favorite resources that are provided by other organizations:

The Trustees of Reservations manage’s Crowninshield Island in Marblehead’s Little Harbor area and is the steward for over a hundred other open space properties in Massachusetts and beyond.For more information about the Trustees of Reservations, see:

Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust, is focused on conserving farmland, wildlife habitat and scenic landscapes throughout the region. With over 5,000 acres of land under their management, they offer a variety of habitats and open spaces in Essex County. For more information about Greenbelt, see:

The Massachusetts Audubon Society manages the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary and is the steward for 36,500 acres of land in Massachusetts. They have over 20 nature centers on their 48 wildlife sanctuaries. For more information about the Massachusetts Audubon Society, see:

Goldthwait Reservation is both the area behind Devereux Beach and the name of the organization that manages that open space. For more information about Goldthwait Reservation, see:

Salem Sound Coastwatch is focused on protecting and improving the Salem Sound and its watershed. It provides a variety of educational programs and sponsors beach cleanups.For more information about the Salem Sound Coastwatch, see:


The Friends of Salem Woods focuses on the preservation of the 160-acre woods of Highland Park, the Forest River estuary, Thompson’s Meadow, and the abutting uplands. For more information, see:


The Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States assists with the identification, early detection, prevention, and management of invasive plants that may impact natural areas. For more information, see: