Education is a critical aspect of the support for Marblehead’s natural open spaces. Without it, how would anyone know what resources are available for their enjoyment? How would they find them?

In trying to answer those questions before they are asked, the Conservancy offers maps, newsletters, special events, an information tent at the summer Farmers’ Market, and the information on this web site.

Take a look at our Resources section for more information.  You’ll find that the Conservancy sponsors a book acquisition program at Abbot Library to provide additional information of interest.

More hands-on training is also key. Trail crew experts provide training on the tools and techniques for trail maintenance to new volunteers on an informal basis and through special sessions.  The Conservancy also collaborates with schools, scouting groups, church groups and other nonprofit and private organizations on educational programs. If you’re interested in helping with any of these activities, please email us at