One direct and one loop trail connect Litchman Terrace with Turner Road, across from the Coffin School, in this, the smallest of Marblehead’s open spaces at little more than one acre. Even at its small size, a neighboring photographer has captured an amazing variety of birds using the area. The land is a remnant of a farm that was divided in the owner’s will after the Second World War to provide housing for returning veterans. After years of neglect, neighbors successfully petitioned the Town to turn the area into conservation land. They next gathered to clean the land of debris, build the walking trails, and plant native shrubs and trees. Today, the area provides a short and pleasant walkway for young and old. Take a look!

Turner Woods at a Glance

Area: 1.15 acres
Trails: 0.21 miles
Where: Entrances on Turner Road and Litchman Terrace have limited on-street parking
Trail Map:Open this PDF to view it from your smart phone or to print your own copy: