Seaside Park, covering nearly thirty-four acres, is first known for its most prominent features: the baseball diamond with its historic grandstand. Also of note are the neighboring tennis and basketball courts and play areas.

Part way up the hill that rises behind the ball field is an entrance to a network of trails. Following the trails that lead directly away from the playing fields eventually brings a walker to a high overlook offering a sweeping view toward Chandler Hovey Park, across the Neck, and its causeway access, and Devereux Beach to a distant profile of the Massachusetts Bay shore. Nearly half a mile of meandering park trails give those wanting exercise much to enjoy and provide challenging practice for several athletic teams.

Seaside Park at a Glance

Area: 34 acres
Trails: 0.47 miles
Where:Entrance from Wyman Road has limited on-street parking. Hike in entrances from behind the tennis courts in Seaside Park.
Trail Map:A map box is located at the Wyman Road entrance.
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