Supporting the Conservancy

The Marblehead Light Department helps the Conservancy Trail Crew install granite gate posts at Lead Mills.

The Marblehead Conservancy does not work alone. As an all-volunteer workforce with our own hand and power tools, there are limits to what we can do. However, since what we do is authorized by the Conservation Commission, we get help from Town departments. Examples of these activities include:

    • Recreation and Parks Department: Tilled Lead Mills for planting, carved entrance signs, and other projects
    • Board of Health and Tree Department: Donated and delivered wood chips for trail covering
    • Highway Department: Removed piles of cut weeds & invasives
    • Water & Sewer: Provided gravel for fill
    • Light Department: Provided and operated an auger to help install signs and granite gate posts
    • Tree Department: Donates 100-200 tree seedlings annually
    • Board of Health: Helps remove the trash picked up by trail crews in conservation areas

Organizations Supported

Conservancy environmental project at Tower School.

The Marblehead Conservancy offloads crucial land maintenance for Marblehead’s Conservation Commission without a budget hit. However, the work doesn’t stop there.  Here are some of the additional activities the Conservancy supports:

    • Schools and community groups:
      • TowerSchool:Environmental workshops
      • Village School: Robinson Farm Project
      • Marblehead Explorers: rebuilt stone stairs behind Hammond Nature Center
      • Boy Scouts: Average of 2 Boy Scout Eagle Projects every year (100+ hrs of project work)
    • Tree Department: Help achieve Arbor Day Foundation designation as “Tree City” every year
    • Recreation and Parks Department: Donated to construction of a Rec & Park Butterfly Garden
    • Abbot Library: Annual meeting with speaker and gallery shows, provide books on nature
    • Goldthwait Reservation: Donated to their invasives clean-up
    • Salem Sound Coastwatch: Participate in beach clean-ups and invasive removal
    • Board of Selectmen: Participate in the town’s open space planning process