What do Trail Crews do?

Repair trails, remove brush and trash from trails, build new trails, re-route trails, remove invasive plants and plant native tree and shrub seedlings. We will always have a variety of tasks available – please speak up if you prefer not to do a particular task.

Why do you do this work?

We believe that a walk or run through a natural setting is an enjoyable experience that needs to be preserved. There are many challenges to our forested areas including trail erosion, discarded trash, vandalism, and alien plant invasion. Protected open space in Marblehead is just over 3.5% of our total land – 9th lowest in the state. We want to protect and care for what we have.

When do Trail Crews meet?

Normally on Saturday mornings (8:30 t0 11:30 am) and weekdays (4 to 6 pm April through October, but earlier in the winter as daylight allows). Trail Crew members can come and leave at any time during these hours. We are open to all help at any time, although we do ask that Trail Crew workers come at least once a month.

Where do Trail Crews work?

Most of the time we work in one of the town conservation areas – Steer Swamp, Forest River, Hawthorn Pond, Ware Pond, Wyman Woods, Lead Mills, Turner Woods, and Robinson Farm.

Are Trail Crews ever cancelled?

Seldom. The most frequent cause for cancellation is steady rain. We will work in a light drizzle, but nothing heavier. Other reasons for cancelling would be ice on the trails, strong winds, and occasionally a conflict with another Conservancy activity. Those who receive the newsletter will also receive notice of cancellation. If you don’t like the weather for any reason, don’t come.

Who can work with a Trail Crew?

Any adult – at least 18 years of age. Younger children are welcome for the learning if accompanied by an adult. Tasks and tools may be listed to those considered appropriate for the age, strength, and judgment of the child.

What can I do to help if I cannot meet Trail Crew times?

Maintaining the health and beauty of our forested areas is something everyone can do at any time. Take a look at the Lighter Duties page on this web site for guidance.