Smart phones have become useful companions for so many of life’s activities, it’s no surprise that there are smart phone apps that can be good companions as you enjoy Marblehead’s open spaces.  Our Open Space Apps section is all about winnowing out the best apps for open space activities and helping you understand how to use them.

There are some core apps that almost everyone will find useful, like Google maps, compass apps, and tracking apps.  They’ll help you navigate open spaces and keep track of where you’ve been.

Beyond the core, there are numerous apps that will enhance specific open space experiences.  Whether your interests are animal, vegetable, or mineral, there’s probably an app out there that you’ll find indispensable.

The Open Space Apps section first shows how Google Maps gives you a great picture of Marblehead’s open space trails and how you can use the app to find your way around.  A more focused app, Merlin Bird ID, is for those with an interest in birds.

On an occasional basis, we’ll be adding more apps to the section.  Check back regularly or sign up for our electronic newsletter to read about new apps.  And if you have a favorite open space app that you’d like us to include, email us at

We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Google Maps: Find Your Way with Your Smart Phone

Merlin Bird ID: Name It and Claim It