Almost in spite of residential development, Steer swamp remains an open space where a walker can become momentarily disoriented. More than one and one-half miles of well-worn trails lace this area, passing through upland woods and lowly marsh. The observant visitor will come across a wide variety of wildlife. Even the few acres involved in a recent landfill remediation are being reclaimed by the many birds and ground animals of the surrounding area. Access to this compelling area is provided by a number of entrances, including those on Stony Brook Road, Norman Street, Barry Road, and Beacon Street. Barry Road gives the shortest, most accessible path to Black Joe’s Pond, summer and winter.

Steer Swamp at a Glance

Area: 48.78 acres
Trails: 1.64 miles
Where:Entrances on Norman Street, Barry Road, Stony Brook Road, and Beacon Street (3 entrances) have limited on-street parking.
Trail Map:Map boxes are located at the Norman Street and Beacon Street (west) entrances.
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