We welcome everyone’s efforts to maintaining preserve Marblehead’s wonderful natural open spaces. Not everyone can meet the times when regular Trail Crews are working, but that doesn’t mean a person cannot help. Other light duties are available for whatever time a person may have whenever a person can visit a site.

It is really quite easy to help keep Marblehead’s conservation area trails clear and open. Anyone visiting an area can take along a small bag and pick up careless discarded trash and take it to a proper disposal site. Reporting a trail or area problem can be done through the information contact link on this web site.

Other work requiring a little more time and effort may also need some specific site information or a little training. Examples of what can be done whenever you have a moment available are:

  • Weeding in the seedling nursery or butterfly garden at Robinson Farm
  • Initiating or refreshing plantings at conservation at entry points